About This Project

Topografie is the new group show curated by Rainlab. On show in the Expo Gate the works of two photographers and one illustrator.

The exhibition focuses on the study of Milan as a city in constant evolution, a liquid society, as theorized by Zygmunt Bauman, where the buildings and the streets that make up the city of Milan constantly change over time.

Topografie rises from the need to synthesize and mapped a city in the making. A urban development interpreted by the works of three artists, juxtaposed in their diversity, make up choral survey on the city landscape.

The seemingly abandoned places of Daniel Portanome blend with the urban landscapes immortalized by Alessandro Allegrini and with Giordano Poloni illustrations. A city played by three different artists: three points of view for a new reflection on representation, change and reality.



September 3-4, 2016
Expo Gate, Milan

Art, Exhibition, Photography